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How much it costs for a surrogate mother, in regards to surrogate compensation, will be determined by her level of surrogacy experience and her personal. Typically, a surrogate's base compensation is between $35, and $45, and can vary based on a number of factors, including her location, experience with. How Much Does A Surrogate Make? The reimbursement for being a surrogate varies on a number of factors. On average, it ranges from $30, — $40, and can be.

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The average cost of our surrogacy process ranges from $,$, Factors impacting costs include your surrogate's location, previous surrogate. The United States is the “gold standard” destination for surrogacy, but the average cost ranges from $, to $, International surrogacy can cost as. How much does UK surrogacy cost? · Surrogate expenses – Surrogates in the UK are typically paid expenses of £12, to £20,, although surrogacy arrangements.

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Estimated Costs of Surrogacy ; Professional Fee. Surrogate Solutions Agency Fee: $25, (Domestic) $30, (International) ; Surrogate Compensation, Fees &. How Much Does Surrogacy Cost? · Match Fee: $17, - $25, · Psychological Screening: $2, $4, · Legal Contract Preparation and Negotiation: $2, $5, At Circle, the cost for surrogacy only is $,, and for surrogacy and egg donation is $, Understanding what goes into the surrogacy process helps.